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About Us

Welcome to BOHN Fabulous! 

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful experience!  

As a bon vivant who adores colours and loves to socialise, finding that "it" dress for festive events and celebratory parties throughout two pregnancies was not easy....... My struggle to find that colourful - pick me up - maternity dress to flatter a body which grew extra inches was real..... that feeling of dread would settle in and ruin the day as soon as i received an event invitation - be it a date, social gathering, or a formal occasion.

Throughout this exciting and wonderful journey, the inevitable growth of our body experiencing change constantly challenges our confidence -- the undesirable outcomes easily crush our self-esteem whenever that ideal dress to make us feel beautiful is beyond our grasp.

Hence, BOHN Fabulous was born. Your now number one source for colourful, fun, alluring & elegant maternity dresses specially designed for occasions and events :) 
We envision to make all pregnant women look stunning and feel amazing during this incredible journey.

Our luxe collection is designed to flatter you both during and post pregnancies. 

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We aspire to illuminate your pregnancy glow whenever you wear a BOHN Fabulous piece and shine like the star that you are, you deserve to feel like a queen and bask in all the glory because YOU hold the gift of life...

 ... and Because we believe that all women are BORN FABULOUS !!!