Corporate Social Responsibility

BOHN Fabulous recognises that everyone has direct / indirect impact on communities and environment. We believe in giving back to the community by engaging actively in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

We endeavour to be a socially responsible company that supports the philosophy "it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Through the company’s charity arm: B.O.H.N. “Bring Our Hearts to the Needy”, part of BOHN Fabulous net profit is used to help the less fortunate and the vulnerable in society, particularly but not limited to: low income families struggling with sick children, physically or mentally challenged old folks/individuals, regardless of race or religion.



BOHN Fabulous also adopts alternative sustainable business model practices.

We envisage that solutions to sustainability must include cultural change as well as daily practices. Our dress care tips that encourage customers to care for their dresses in low-impact way, have smaller environmental toll, and customers are able to keep their dress in good shape for longer.

A key part of ethical fashion is buying dresses that won’t end up in the trash bin or donation box a few months later. Hence, we feel the need to break free from the fast fashion mentality that spurs rapid turnaround on trends and quasi-disposable attitude towards clothes.

The most significant difference is that BOHN Fabulous is opting to work under “anti-fashion calendar” to create a culture of sustainability by producing less from the onset. We deliberately choose not to follow the intense seasonal calendar that fashion functions under, and move away from continuous offering of weekly seasonal new products.

Another eco-friendly approach that we adopt is to create durable, classic styles that customers would wear for years before recycling. We only select fabrics that we enjoy wearing, fabrics that feel good next to our skin.We strive to design dresses to be of the highest quality and classic in style, ensuring durability and longevity.

Our loyalty program [My BFF] offers complimentary alteration of dresses. This creates dresses that fit fabulously and impeccably throughout our journey, dresses with emotional value. We believe that when the dress fits well and is flattering to our body, we will love and we will keep it longer!

A style quote from Carrie Bradshaw: “Never buy anything that’s less than fabulous, then you will know you will wear it over and over again”.


BOHN Fabulous ~ Dress Responsibly & Fabulously!